Sunday, July 30, 2006

Nuts Have a High Oil Content

If it wasn't for Norway and Canada, I'd be pretty damned convinced that there is some sort of obscure rule that says that oil exporting countries must have completely insane rulers calling the shots. Iran and Venezuela are celebrating their friendship:

A beaming Ahmadinejad presented Chavez with the golden "High Medallion of the Islamic Republic of Iran" and slipped a blue sash around his chest.

"Mr Chavez is my brother, the brother of the whole Iranian nation and of all freedom-seeking people in the world," he said.

"He is a perpetual warrior against the dominant system, a worshipper of God and a servant of the people," he added.

So did Hugo agree to provide another diversion when Tehran needs another delay to buy more time to go nuclear? If so, we will see the Red-Green alliance in all its glory in action.

I wish Google would hurry up with that Mullahspeak translation tool. I'm pretty sure none of this will be of any help to America.

If these jokers exported tea we could just laugh at the nutjobs. But instead we have to keep our powder dry and be ready to deal with these oil-enriched psychopaths.

Truly, a lovely decade we're having here.