Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Live the Life of Sex and Danger?

This guy is sad. He certainly was never a Ranger. He can't even master the Army's more difficult sleeve-rolling style and goes for the, erm, simpler, Marine look. So I doubt he has any military background at all.

What is even sadder is the eagerness of the Left to believe his tales of atrocities. A happy kite-flying paradise under Saddam was sadly transformed into a killing ground by the likes of this so-called Ranger.

Only slightly less saddening is the total ignorance of the Left about our military that makes them fail to see through the deception (if they care, that is. If not, see above).

This is one reason why I have little patience for calls to close Gitmo or do this or do that to deprive our enemies of "sources" for their hate-filled screeds. Sure, these perhaps well-meaning people will say that we may not have actually done anything wrong, but the place/issue is a symbol that we should eliminate.

Our enemies just make it up anyway, so why bother halting useful things or shutting down necessary prisons just for the purpose of polishing our image?

There will always be people who will claim we are evil and people who will believe it--even here in America.