Sunday, February 12, 2006

Desert Two

Ahmadinejad may have fond memories of his youth taking over the American embassy in Tehran, when an ineffective rescue mission fell apart at Desert One, but the sequel is unlikely to be the same. Secretary Rice is warning Iran to behave:

Rice, speaking from Washington on ABC television's "This Week," said Iran, in particular, should be urging its citizens to remain calm — not encouraging protests against Western embassies.

"If people continue to incite it, it can spin out of control," she said of the protests. Last week, demonstrators in Iran attacked the Danish, French and Austrian embassies with stones and firebombs.

So Iranian attacks on Western embassies may will spin out of control for Iran and give us the excuse we need to overthrow the mullahs and undo our mistake of nearly thirty years ago when we failed to snuff out the mullah regime at its birth. You know, I thought we'd have to apply pressure on the Iranians to do something stupid. And they are going ahead and doing something stupid on their own, it seems.

Seize embassies once, shame on you. Seize embassies twice, and we've got all the excuse we need to destroy your regime.