Wednesday, August 01, 2018

The Art Wasn't Even the Point

My youngest is still not too old to want to hang with her dad a bit.

On the last Sunday of Art Fair, Lamb texted me to ask if I would take her to art fair. Which was a nice surprise.

I'd already walked down to art fair on the first day--and actually bought some art (and got a couple shirts and a small back pack from a local company begging to give their virtual reality swag away). But another trip with my daughter sounded great.

So I picked her up and then we walked to the art fair and took a tour. She was happy to see her "tribe" of light green artists in one section. She had volunteered to stuff artist packets for art fair with all they needed to set up a tent. I had missed that section in my trip, thinking it was mostly a kid zone.

She was disappointed that she didn't find anyone giving out granola samples--which is the only time she eats it, pretty much.

We walked back home and I got her to her mom's for dinner. All in all it was a nice outing.

While I am eager to launch my children from their nest for their sake, I know I will miss things like this dearly and treasure them when I can do them in the future.