Saturday, March 11, 2017

Between Iraq and a Scarred Place

Germany's situation under threat by jihadis must be very puzzling to the nuanced crowd.

You'd think that refusing to participate in the Iraq War (which the left long said motivated jihadis) and welcoming Moslem refugees and migrants mostly fleeing Syria's civil war (to disprove "Islamophobia") would eliminate any motivation whatsoever for jihadis to target Germany--or to even exist there.

Shockingly, that is not the case according to the head of Germany's domestic security agency:

“Germany became significantly more prioritized as a target of Isis over the course of 2016,” said BfV President Hans-Georg Maaßen, adding that the level of danger continues to be high. ...

Maaßen further said that the number of people believed to be potentially violent Islamists in the country has steadily risen. There are currently an estimated 1,600 living in Germany.

Clearly, there's no pleasing some people. As I often ask, what doesn't enrage jihadis?

UPDATE: They hate the shopping?

Police in the western German city of Essen sealed off a shopping center in the center of town and ordered it to remain closed on Saturday due to concrete indications of a possible attack.

The article doesn't say it is a jihadi threat, but the context given is that the Germans are nervous since jihadi attacks in Belgium and France and their own Christmas weaponized truck attack.

Well, maybe my memory fails me. Perhaps Germany contributed a panzer division to the invasion of Iraq and perhaps Germany built a big beautiful wall to keep out refugees and migrants.

I mean, that would earn the Germans jihadi wrath, right?

UPDATE: Yes, the threat is from ISIL:

Germany's domestic intelligence service had tipped police off about the threat, interior minister Thomas de Maiziere told public broadcaster ARD.

"There exists a link to the so-called Islamic State terror organisation," he said, adding that "some indications or orders" were given by someone who had travelled from Germany to the conflict zone in the Middle East.

You try to be so careful not to offend. And this is what the Germans get for their effort.