Monday, December 12, 2016

Let Freedom's Bell Ring Again!!!

Rejoice! Now that Donald Trump will be president, dissent is once more the highest form of patriotism!

This is not the time for the “retiring” of “experiencd patriots.” A “vain and aspiring” man now possesses the highest seat in government and the administration of the government is on the verge of becoming a farce.

America needs you … now. Speak up.

Oh joy! Oh rapture!! Verily, I weep with the spirit of citizenship that fills my heart on this glorious day!

It's in the New York Times, so it must be true! After eight years of the right to "speak up" being relegated to the basket of the irredeemably deplorables with their revolting serial "Ism" reasons for standing in the way of sweet progress, rejecting the policies and very existence of the president is the right thing to do!

I knew Holy Dissent would come back!

And I do agree that a vain and aspiring man now possesses the highest seat in government. But President Obama be gone in January.

Mr. Blow never fails to provide comedy gold.