Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Feature and Not a Bug

Too bad Western Europe was conquered by the Soviets during the Cold War given the lack of a pan-European army to stop them. What? American-led NATO did the job of defending Europe during the Cold War? Fancy that.

The inherently anti-American elites of the European Union want America out of Europe so the elites can build their multi-ethnic empire. Naturally, getting rid of NATO is a prime goal and a pretend EU military is the means to do that:

While the Euro declines in value reaching parity with the dollar, with debt overwhelming the underbelly of European states and with serious questions arising about the viability of the Union itself, the EU at the Bratislava Summit in September 2016 concluded that the time has come for its own military force.

The report EDAP (European Defense Action Plan) indicated that the 27 Member States “need the EU not only to guarantee peace and democracy, but also the security of our people.” Presumably a coherent EU response is called for.

So what could only be considered an ironic touch, participants at the conference contended that a strong EU force and a strong NATO are mutually reinforcing. However, it was not revealed how this might occur. With limited resources, the more likely scenario is a reduction in allocations to NATO in return for the generation of an independent European force, one that does not include the United States.

So we are supposed to believe that in an era when getting NATO European states to spend more money on their defense is so difficult that it would be more cost effective for most European armies to just become "tribal auxiliaries" in the American Army, that the European Union will build a European army (and air force, navy, and command and control capability) that doesn't come at the expense of forces committed to NATO?

As I wrote recently:

The NATO secretary general says that the European Union defense ambitions will complement NATO efforts rather than duplicate or take away from NATO. Hogwash. In what alternate Europe where Europeans spend too little on defense will money spent on non-NATO capabilities not harm NATO capabilities? Absent--God forbid--political integration, military integration is pointlessly wasteful.

The European Union wants America out of Europe more than it wants to keep the Russians out. We'll see whether the EU wants Germany up or down, in whatever the EU variation of NATO's purpose is.

Don't even try to tell me that a united Europe under the EU Empire is Russia's greatest fear. In fact it is Russia's best hope to dominate Europe--either militarily or from professional courtesy as one autocratic empire to another.

Which means that for America to remain in Europe, we should realize that the EU is our foe. We must oppose the European Union's political and military ambitions and bolster NATO.

UPDATE: This author says that the very notion of a European Union army makes no sense:

There can be no European army without a European state. And a federal superstate is not in the cards.

That's the problem. An EU military surely makes no sense now and simply weakens NATO, which is the actual defense mechanism of geographic Europe.

But do not be confused that that the EU elites with their "ever closer union" mantra see the EU as accumulating more and more power until it is a superstate--well, a multi-ethnic empire, anyway.

Given that the Euro currency--when you could easily have argued that there can be no European currency without a European state--hasn't led to a closer union, I can totally see the Euro elite figuring that a defense mechanism of a political Europe will lead to that superstate empire.