Sunday, November 06, 2016

The Axis of Redeemable Deplorables

A cocky Assad prepares for the day when President Obama "must go":

Mr. Assad ruled out political changes until [he wins the war] and declared that he planned to remain president at least until his third seven-year term ends in 2021.

I don't assume Assad has won this war. He has incentive to act that way. But odds are that when President Obama leaves office in January, Assad will still be running his rump Syria despite our president's evidence- and action-free 2011 assertion that Assad "must step down."

And given President Obama's willingness to treat long-time enemies like Iran and Cuba as best buddies, I'm sure Assad has no reason to think that his close call with defeat--if he does avoid that--will require him to make any concessions to American concerns.

One day, Assad can believe, an unreformed Syria with plenty of blood on its hands will joint Iran and Cuba in the Axis of Redeemable Deplorables.

Heck, in such a world of outreach, even North Korea can hope to be welcomed into the ranks of responsible powers if only America tries hard enough!