Tuesday, September 06, 2016

I'm an Old Woman! I'm Confused! I Thought I Deleted It!

The Friday night document dump by the FBI before a long holiday weekend indicates not only that the FBI is in the business of shielding Hillary Clinton but that Clinton is incompetent and criminal.

Oh, and this is priceless:

Considering that Hillary has been accused of mishandling classified information on an almost industrial scale, what shines through is that Clinton is utterly clueless about classification matters, betraying an ignorance that is shocking when encountered in a former top official of our government—and one who wants to be our next commander-in-chief.

Yes, for a woman who was a United States Senator and Secretary of State--with a stint as First Lady too--claiming ignorance of how national security information is classified is astounding.

And the failure to observe security extended to the devices that our Secretary of State used:

In perhaps the most laughable of the FBI’s revelations, we learned that Hillary had a bad habit of losing her personal electronic devices. As many as thirteen of them went missing—including ones that possibly had classified emails on them. In a couple cases, Clinton staffers disposed of old devices by smashing them with a hammer. Which does nothing to render whatever classified information may have been on them unreadable to any competent spy service.

Unless the Secret Service detail was told to take the devices in order to minimize Hillary's ability to mishandle classified information, this is just astounding.

But understand that the alternative to Hillary Clinton claiming to be ignorant of security procedures is admitting that she intentionally mishandled national security information.

We had Hillary's Human Fund. We had Hillary's Costanza Doctrine.

And Hillary's Was that Wrong Defense when she said she wouldn't have used a bathroom server if only she had known it was not allowed:

(I could have sworn I had a post on this but can't find it.)

And now we see Hillary Clinton invoking the Uncle Leo Defense:

How confused is she?

[According] to an official FBI report on Clinton’s interview that was made public by the bureau on Friday. During the course of her interview, Clinton was repeatedly unable to respond to many questions about her use of the private email server and the classified emails she sent on it. She said she “could not recall,” “did not recall” and “did not remember” 38 times, according to a Yahoo News tally of her responses recorded in the 11-page FBI report.

Would Huma please take her home?

I wrote this Saturday, but in the interest of not going along with the Friday data dump that hopes the news will be little-seen and "old" by Tuesday, I scheduled this for Tuesday morning.

Every day Hillary Clinton makes the election of a clown to be president less unacceptable.