Saturday, June 25, 2016

Remembering What is Worth Defending

As much as I enjoyed the sad ideological isolation of this lefty on the Brexit issue, this complaint from a younger British voter is too much:

"Essentially people much, much older than us — and who won’t be around for the consequences — are giving us a future we don’t want," added Jack Lennard, who just finished his undergraduate degree in archeology and anthropology.

Those darned old people with their experience and all that. Maybe rather than being elders punishing younger people, those older Britons who voted in large numbers to leave the European Union remember more about threats to freedom and the price you have to pay to escape authoritarian rule, eh?

Maybe those older people have memories of events beyond the winner of the Eurovision 2015 contest, hmmm?

Maybe these older Leave voters have a better grasp than the younger set that voted in lockstep to welcome their new insect Brussels overlords?

Those young people should be glad you can escape the EU empire with just a vote. How long will the EU allow that flaw in their growth plan for "ever closer union" last?