Monday, May 04, 2015

I Really Am an Optimist--Or Something

I know this is old news, but sometimes I fail to go to the dead drop at the Cube when I should.

Is it wrong to think that Hillary Clinton's private email service while Secretary of State was actually more secure than the White House official system?

Russian hackers who penetrated sensitive parts of the White House computer system last year read President Barack Obama's unclassified emails, the New York Times reported on Saturday, quoting U.S. officials.

The Russians didn't get into the president's email, but they could read his emails to others via penetration of their accounts, apparently.

Whenever I read something like this and the outrage from the loyal opposition, I retain hope that our people count on that predictable outrage to convince the Russians that they have gained the genuine item with their hacking.

Could we have actually allowed Russia to steal disinformation we want them to steal? If so, kudos to the Obama administration for taking the unfair hits to advance our interests.

It's not like we don't leverage what our enemies see as their advantage for our purposes.

Or am I just a cog in American intelligence seeking to convince the Russians that their luck in penetrating the White House is just too good to be true?

I kid. When I was in college, I did want to be a CIA analyst. I think I would have been good at it. And in the Cold War, it seemed like a way to do my duty.

But marriage changed my career path. I tried to prepare for a future return to that by joining the Army National Guard. I thought military intelligence could prepare me should career path options open up. And again, it was a chance to do my duty as a citizen.

But the unit had no slots open, so I went to the closest unit with room--the Ann Arbor signal company. And not that I'm complaining (my life went far better than I could have imagined as a child in Detroit), but that career path never opened up.

But that's what you'd expect me to say, I suppose.

We may never know the truth. About the White House emails, I mean.