Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sunshine Humanitarian

This man makes the case that it would be moral and possible to overthrow the North Korean regime.

He was against the Iraq War, he proudly states.

The moral case for removing Saddam was certainly a strong one, I'd say.

He dismisses some of the military problems of destroying the Kim Jong-Un regime even though failure to solve them would result in lots of dead South Koreans.

While the writer discounts the idea that China would use nuclear weapons against us if we invaded North Korea, recall that they did go to war against us when we invaded North Korea the last time.

So there is that potential problem, too.

What I am absolutely sure of is that if we carry out a humanitarian regime change, and the end is messy with extended chaos that requires messy work to contain and repair, he will not support the effort to move beyond the regime-change stage.