Saturday, November 01, 2014

How Stupid are Men Assumed to Be?

I know, P.T. Barnum is said to have asserted that nobody went broke under-estimating the intelligence of the consumer, but am I to believe that a constellation of women all named Adriana are hot for me?

Because that's what my spam folder tells me.

There's Adriana Deane. She just called me "hun." Like I'll respond to anything that sedate. Or insulting? Am I really some hulking barbarian?

And Adriana Booker (3 times!) In aggregate, she's a sexy slave who wants to party with me. She's really hot for me!

And Adriana Logan. She just said "its me!" Grammar counts, hon.

And Adriana Carter. She has new red panties, she said. Along with an interesting misspelling in her invitation.

And Adriana Jones. She just wants me to call. She should take hints from the Carter version.

And Adriana Gerber. Just "Hi".

All in the last week, or so.

All are 21, with blue eyes, blonde hair, and 5'6" tall.

And all apparently really horny for me.

No doubt. Women thirty plus years my junior routinely fall for me. It's a curse, really.

What I really object to is the sheer laziness of  changing only the subject header and last name in an effort to get me to respond.

Of course, perhaps I'm missing out ...

Of course, if I start getting emails from "Stella," I'm totally hosed.