Saturday, October 11, 2014

No Small Ball, There

If Taiwan won't spend enough to build a conventional military sufficient to deter or defeat a Chinese invasion, bombardment, or blockade, and if Taiwan doesn't go nuclear, the only option left to remain a free democracy no matter how unlikely that option seems is the way to go.

Could China go democratic? That's what Taiwan's president said in light of pro-democracy protests covering Hong Kong:

Taiwan's president on Friday urged China to move toward a more democratic style of development, reiterating his strong support for pro-democracy demonstrations in Chinese-ruled Hong Kong.

Ma Ying-jeou used his speech at Taiwan's National Day celebrations to discuss the island's own democratic development in remarks that appeared to show Beijing that Taiwan would never give up its own democracy and rule of law.

Well, he said it should happen.

You never know:

Another way is to affect China's desire for Taiwan. If China stops wanting to take Taiwan, then the balance doesn't matter nearly as much. As unlikely as this may seem, when you rule out any other option of defending your island democracy, what is left is the only option. Yes, provoking regime change in Peking could be the only way out of the losing race Taiwan is in.

It might be the only option left.

Although I'd feel better if they armed up in the meantime. Why the Taiwanese can sleep at night the way China is acting is beyond me.

UPDATE: It is interesting that the man who came to power in Taiwan as a partner with China to lower tensions and downplay Taiwanese independence is now effectively calling for regime change in Peking.

Apparently, even President Ma has lost hope of getting Communist China to live with Taiwan peacefully.

Only Nixon can go to China, it is said. Perhaps only Ma can overthrow China?