Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vote While We're Young

A week and a half ago, Hong Kong held a protest election that their Peking masters did not like one bit:

An informal referendum aimed at bolstering support for greater democracy in Hong Kong wound down Sunday after drawing nearly 800,000 votes and the ire of Beijing, which denounced it as a political farce.

Hong Kongers used the straw poll to express their desire for greater say in choosing their leader. ...

Beijing has slammed the poll by organizers of the Occupy Central with Love and Peace movement as illegal, and the state-run Global Times newspaper blasted it as "mincing ludicrousness."

I though "Mincing Ludicrousness" was a new rapping boy band, but what do I know?

To be fair, all votes in China pretty much have the defining feature of mincing ludicrousness.

So why should the Hong Kong vote be any exception? Don't Hong Kongers know that there is only one direction this is all going?