Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Next Year, Popcorn and Caramel Fight to the Death

Good grief, President Obama held the Thanksgiving version of the Hunger Games in the annual turkey pardon ritual.

I hadn't noticed this slightly disturbing aspect of the annual presidential turkey pardon:

The president announced that, after the public voted, a turkey named Popcorn was declared winner of the 2013 National Thanksgiving Turkey competition over his rival Caramel. Popcorn, an almost 2-foot tall, 40-pound fowl with a blue-tinged head, fanned his tail feathers spectacularly as he strolled about the stage under the watchful eyes of several minders.

The turkeys had to compete with each other for viewer approval?

Next year, they'll attach metal razors to their beaks and set them loose on the White House grounds for a battle to the death.

Only one turkey walks out pardoned!