Sunday, November 25, 2012

Any Given Sunday

Mister was pretty happy that I save the TV for him to watch football all afternoon (sorry, future wife of my son ...). He enjoys the games and eagerly follows the players for his fantasy team.

As a rule, Lamb gets time too in order to play with the Wii if she wants. Mister could retire to my room if he really has to see a game.

But today, Lamb was focused on non-electronic entertainment.

We went to the store to get eggs because she really wanted to bake cookies. We bought eggs and jello and some decorating gel, too, while we were there. It was a nice walk to the store despite the cold.

Lamb wanted to buy much of the stuff, but I insisted. I did let her buy some cookie dough with the money she brought to take to her mom's so they could bake cookies, too.

We baked sugar and peanut butter cookies using the Jiffy Mix recipe for sugar cookies and modified by a wild ass guess about how much peanut butter to add to the mix for peanut butter cookies. Mister even liked the sugar cookies we made. With some chocolate frosting, the peanut butter cookies tasted great!

While we did that, I tried making home-made peanut butter cups using the tiny paper cups we also bought. That was easy. I used a chocolate bunny that was not going to be eaten and peanut butter. I melted the chocolate in the microwave, poured a layer in the paper cups, added a lump of peanut butter, topped with more melted chocolate, and put the whole thing in the freezer.

Delicious, too!

Then I helped Lamb cut a stuffed bear form from an old nightgown of hers so she could make a pink stuffed bear. Lamb did all the sewing--both the toy machine that is still working great and by hand to finish it off--and stuffing, plus used fabric markers to decorate the bear. It was Lamb's best one yet, she thought.

By then it was time to take the kids back to their mom's house.

I miss the weekends when they pass. Oh, life in general is good even if I'm not in dad mode. But taking care of my children is the best part of the week, by far.