Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thirty Percent of Silver

Wow! When Russia buys a country, they buy a country!

In a major turnabout in Ukrainian policy, new President Viktor Yanukovych says the 1930s Stalinist famine that killed millions should not be considered genocide against Ukrainians because it targeted its victims indiscriminately.

Got that? Stalin wasn't trying to kill Ukrainians. Stalin was trying to kill everyone! So who are Ukrainians to complain that they were special victims?

Now that's nuance our State Department only dreams of achieving in a smart foreign policy!

Still, you have to grant Yanukovych credit. He got thirty percent off all their natural gas imports from Russia. The Russians initially offered only thirty pieces of silver.

So way to go, President Yanukovych, for standing up for The Ukraine!

UPDATE: Ukrainians don't want to become The Ukraine again:

The speaker of Ukraine's parliament huddled under umbrellas as eggs rained down and smoke bombs filled the chamber with an acrid cloud. Then the lawmakers attacked each other, punching and brawling in the aisles.

The chaos erupted Tuesday as parliament approved a treaty allowing Russia to extend the lease on a naval base in a Ukrainian port on the Black Sea until 2042 — a move bitterly opposed by pro-Western lawmakers. Ukraine would get cheap natural gas from Russia in exchange.

Kind of makes "you lie!" seem kind of tame ...