Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Least of Their Crimes?

The North Koreans kidnapped Japanese citizens in the past and yet are upset that the Japanese want an accounting of this crime:

The North's state-run newspaper, Minju Joson, said in an editorial that it "feels no need to sit face-to-face with Japan," and criticized Tokyo's intention to raise the abduction issue as a plan "to meet its own interests."

It is attitude like this from the Pillsbury Nuke Boy that just really annoys me. The Japanese have every right to demand an explanation and redress to this crime. The North Koreans may think that their record of mass murder, oppression, torture, real gulags, ineptitude leading to mass starvation, terrorism, nuclear and missile proliferation, and aggression make a few score Japanese lives ruined mere small potatoes, but there is no reason we need to go along.

Give them hell, Tokyo. These kidnappings may be the smallest of North Korea's crimes but they show us at heart the kind of regime we are facing. We really are dealing with pure, distilled evil in North Korea.