Thursday, January 16, 2003


First, a quick correction. The Daisy ad suggests nuclear war should Pakistan's nuclear arsenal fall to Islamists outraged at our liberation of Iraq. (they don't say Pakistan but I assume they aren't talking about France) Not to worry, we'll tear apart Saddam so fast that the Islamists won't have a chance to even pull out their Burt and Osama posters.

Well, some 122mm rocket empty rocket warheads were found in Iraq. They are not supposed to have any of these chemical weapon delivery systems. What a completely unexpected bonus from the inspectors.

On this, I could kick myself for not having drawn the correct conclusion from Sheryl Crow's foreign affairs expertise. At first I thought she was a typical star providing a predictable opinion. But get this from James Taranto:

Reuters reports that songstress Sheryl Crow donned a T-shirt saying "War is not the answer" at last night's American Music Awards. "I think war is based in greed and there are huge karmic retributions that will follow," Sheryl crowed. "I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies."

OK, that "karmic retribution" stuff is pretty daffy, and war often is the answer (much of Europe may be run by weenies, but that sure beats Nazis). Still, Crow has a point about the desirability of not having enemies. So let's kill them.

Sheryl, if it makes you happy, we'll kill them all just as soon as we can.

Oh, and one more on containing North Korea. Remember that unlike the Cold War when we had to deal with communists and their sympathizers in allied governments, in labor unions, and on campuses who supported the Soviets or were amenable to their propaganda, we will not have to face that against North Korea. There are no 'Kimunists' in significant numbers outside of San Fransisco. We will have a very narrow front on which to fight.

Also, on the television news tonight, it was reported that the Saudis are trying to convince Iraqi generals to rise up against Saddam in a coup. While that outcome seems rather unlikely, I'd say the Saudis just threw in their lot with us. Sure, they are trying to undermine us by derailing the invasion, but if we turned around and went home do the Saudis think that Saddam would forget their offer? No, in effect, the Saudis really need us to knock Saddam off. If not, Saddam would exact his revenge on the Saudis. Bravo to whoever in the State Department or CIA who prodded the Saudis into this scheme.