Monday, November 26, 2018

From the "Well, Duh" Files

Russia admits they invaded the Donbas:

Earlier in November a Russian military journal (“Military Review”) ran an article in which the Russian author admitted that Russia was indeed controlling the Donbas Ukrainian “rebels.” This has been an open secret since Russia instigated the Donbas fighting in 2014. The main theme of the article was the difficulty in controlling the paramilitary forces Russia has organized to play the role of “rebels” in Donbas.

“Military Review” tends to reflect the views of the Ministry of Defense and often criticizes GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) an organization somewhat independent of Defense Ministry control so that it can serve to provide alternatives to Defense Ministry plans. GRU is more into special operations techniques, which were heavily used in Donbas.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has always frustrated me--both Russia's lies and Western reactions to them.

Russia's invasion was elevated to some near magical level of sophisticated "hybrid warfare" that only extensive study with new organizations could penetrate.

But in reality hybrid warfare is very simple. Russia invades a country. Russia denies invading a country. And the West goes along with the lie.

Trying to tie those three elements together led to the hybrid war nonsense that took hold in the West. This Russian admission is another blow against the collapsing triad of Russian deceit.

Remember, Crimea was made possible by unique circumstances in Ukraine at that time that are not generally exportable to other targets. The Russians carried out an impressive operation but the target was paralyzed.

In the Donbas, Ukraine was able to rally and now--as I've wanted from the beginning--the war is a bleeding ulcer for Russia that costs them financially and their public doesn't want to die for it. And even the Russian military doesn't fully support the war.

Less studying. More stopping. We didn't need a Russian admission that they invaded Ukraine to help Ukraine send Russian body bags home.

UPDATE: It is odd that it took Russia attacking and capturing Ukrainian vessels in Russia's escalation of the war to a subliminal blockade in the Sea of Azov to get the media's attention when ongoing land fighting has not.

But Ukraine will take any port in a storm, eh?