Thursday, October 25, 2018

Down But Not Out

Somali piracy is mostly suppressed but not gone:
On the 16th October 2018, the MV KSL Sydney, a Hong Kong flagged Bulk Carrier, was attacked 340 Nm off the coast of Somalia in the Somali Basin.

Due to the application of BMP protection measures by the Master, his crew and the private security team, the piracy attack was thwarted and the crew and vessel remained safe. The Master had already evacuated the crew to the citadel when the embarked Armed Security Team (PAST) responded to the attack. There was a sustained exchange of fire before the skiff with several armed people on board broke off and changed course away from the MV.

The article links the best management practices here. On the issue of armed security by privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on top of the BMP5 states:

Any decision to engage the services of PCASP should consider the guidance above for PMSC [My note: Private Maritime Security Companies] as well as the following.

BMP does not recommend or endorse the general use of PCASP onboard merchant ships; this is a decision taken by individual ship operators where permitted by the ship’s Flag State and any littoral states.

It is interesting that the attack took place so far from shore. There had to be a pirate mother ship somewhere.

It is also interesting that the once-controversial idea of arming defenders on civilian ships is a accepted now.

Be careful out there.