Saturday, September 29, 2018

Just Do It

Britain needs to get out of the proto-imperial European Union with whatever deal is adequate or with no deal at all.

This could yet be Britain's finest hour:

Prime Minister Theresa May signaled on Tuesday that she would prefer a 'no-deal' Brexit to the offer currently put forward by the European Union, stressing that Britain needs to see counter-proposals from the EU to move Brexit negotiations forward.

A determination to exit is the key. I hope May means it. Any other result traps Britain and there will not be another chance to escape the EU imperial state "ever closer union" that Brussels is building one cheese regulation at a time.

And any exit is subject to amendment by agreements with the European Union. The EU is eager to have trade with nutball-run Iran, for God's sake. The EU will eventually succumb to the allure of trade with Britain, which has six times the GDP of Iran.

Or do the EU apparatchiki dislike Britain more for wanting out of the EU based on a popular vote than they dislike Iran for being a women-suppressing, terrorist, aggressive, nuke-pursuing mullah-run nutball state?