Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Democracy Dies Without Us

On this day celebrating America's birthday, let us remember that while we have many friends and allies committed to democracy, that without America democracy would die.

For autocrats and dictators, the very existence of a free America is a threat because it inspires hope for freedom.

And for those flinging "Nazi" charges, remember that if our autocratic and dictatorial foes can't destroy America, they'll settle for convincing their people that America isn't a democracy.

So happy Independence Day! We remain free and the best hope for those who wish to be free. Appreciate what we have.

UPDATE: How is it possible not to be proud to be an American?! My pride in my country does not rely on who controls the government.

UPDATE: Could Iran have a good revolution? I hate to get my hopes up.

UPDATE: Thinking about that patriotism survey, I recall how every presidential election the Democrats act all outraged that Republicans "think they own the flag."

Maybe if Democrats didn't react to the flag the way vampires react to Holy water and sunlight, people wouldn't get that impression.

UPDATE: A final thought. Even though my military service was minimal and long ago, I've felt love of country so much more intensely since I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution.

We cannot lose this experiment in democracy and individual liberty. Or the world will be lost to a new dark age.