Sunday, June 10, 2018

When Love Trumps Hate

In The Nation, an author argues "We must end this Russophobic insanity."

Which is fascinating for such a far Left magazine to print. The Nation, it is safe to say, hates Trump. A lot.

But the people who run the magazine also love Russia. Sure, Russia isn't the beloved Soviet Union. But it's the best they have to oppose America. The people at The Nation know that Trump will eventually leave office. And when he does they don't want Russia to suffer collateral damage.

And worse, they seem to realize that there doesn't seem to be anything to all the accusations, so when the Democratic obsession finally collapses (and I'm assuming it well unless something actually damning comes out), the credibility of left-leaning institutions that flogged this issue will be damaged. And so domestic allies of The Nation will be crippled for a bit. Even as the stench hanging over Russia lingers.

Honestly, I suspect this article came out so late because the editors probably were holding on to hope that maybe Trump really is a Russian puppet. And how great would that be!?

But the reality of American actions to resist Russia made that hope untenable to hold any more. So love of Russia trumps hatred of Trump.