Friday, June 29, 2018

I'm Friggin' Nostrarantus

I've mocked the pretense of the resistance that pretends it is bravely resisting a dictatorship when they in fact face no threat at all from the Trump administration. I seriously didn't think they could keep up the frantic pace of initial insanity, but I was wrong as it is now clear that "11" is the lowest setting on their dial.  I'd forgotten that I'd mocked this exact same attitude during the Bush 43 administration.


You've heard the claims before--the Bushtatorship has suppressed dissent and critics have experienced a chilling effect that silences them.

No, really, stop giggling. Some war critics truly believe that the truth only gets out because some Baldwin brother manages to smuggle crudely reproduced tracts from Michael Moore from one organic market to the next in unnamed body orifices as part of a network of safe houses to inform the devoted few who resist the fascist state that suppresses all dissent. Good grief man, one day they might look up your library records! Maybe! Perhaps! Can't rule it out!


So dissent is safe. And always has been. So if you are still seized with fear every time you go to an organic food market, straighten up and buy that tofu product safe in the knowledge that you really don't need to watch what you say if you really don't want to. We don't in fact live in the Bushtatorship of your self-inflicted fears.

Seriously, those of you on the Left crying--again--that Hitler has been reborn, should be embarrassed by your current descent--again, but deeper--into Paranoiaville. The only actual black-clad street thugs out there are the anarchists and communists of the "antifa" movement on your side.

How are you people screeching about mythical Nazis any different from the "Michigan Militia" "black helicopter" types who thought Bill Clinton was preparing to turn America over to the UN and establish concentration camps? How are you any different from the "birthers" who believed Barack Obama was a secret Moslem who wasn't even born in America, out to ... well, I'm not actually sure what the ultimate step of that paranoia was.

It isn't that hard to oppose a president without descending into madness. I did it. You just never found that kind of unhinged and ultimately laughable thinking here. Indeed, President Obama was the first (and thus far only) president whose tenure fell fully within my blog's existence (since July 12, 2002).  So I had every chance to develop and display the insanity that is gripping the resistance. You really can oppose policies without demonizing your political opponent--who is not the enemy.

Hitler made Jews wear Stars of David on their clothing to identify them for discrimination, persecution, and ultimately extermination. You sport "resistance" logos on your backpacks, hats, purses, and cars secure in the knowledge that you will sleep through the night with no knocks on the door to cart you off. See how different that is?

Your feelings of being oppressed have no basis in reality. Just stop it. Because at this point, we're starting to not care about your descent into madness.

Oh, and in the spirit of compromise, I propose that for every American who believes this rot and who agrees to exile (to whatever glorious country that will accept them), America should accept one entire refugee family from Central America.