Monday, June 25, 2018

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Fake Words

The Left loved this photo of "the world" (represented by the rest of the G-7)  glaring at Trump in disapproval--as all good liberals must, of course:

See? Trump can't get along with out allies! Crisis! Doom! Halliburton!* Resistance!

That is what we are supposed to believe was the tenor of the G-7 meeting in Canada.

But wait! The next picture, apparently, in the series:

Obviously there is a gap in time since the Japanese delegation has moved out of the frame.

But if the media had emphasized this picture as the symbol of the meeting, everyone could enjoy the allied solidarity, no? Just feel the good vibe!

Heck, you could even take the absence of the Japanese delegation as the cause of the change from serious to jovial. Maybe the Japanese Abe is a wet blanket. Maybe the rest of the G-7 was having a laugh at Abe's expense after he left? Who knows?

Maybe the second picture is actually earlier, and Abe's new presence lightened the mood.

Heck, maybe in the first picture was taken while the allies discussed Russian occupation of Ukrainian territory. Or the upcoming nuclear talks. Or the American League designated hitter rule. Who knows? 

But with the second picture, surely the message isn't that the meeting was a long glare-fest of anger.

Unless you select the picture to convey that and run with the message that it is a symbol of anti-Trump unity.

Nor would disagreement or anger be unusual even among allies:

Italy summoned France's envoy and angrily rejected French criticism of its immigration policies on Wednesday, escalating a diplomatic standoff between the neighboring European powers.

But the media wants you to think that disputes are unique to Trump.

I won't quite say that the media shouldn't be trusted. But do be aware of the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect.

*Perhaps the memory has faded of our Left screeching Halliburton! like some odd religious incantation during the Iraq War. Honestly, when I think about it, the unhinged liberal rage at Vice President Cheney back then was just the warm up for Trump Hysteria Condition.