Monday, May 07, 2018

Perhaps Not All Benefits Have Been Given

You have to wonder why Iran is so eager to keep the 2015 nuclear deal if they already got their "front-loaded" benefits.

Even defenders of the Iran nuclear deal point to the fact that America gave Iran so many financial benefits up front that we have to stay in the deal for the long haul to get the benefits of Iran not going nuclear during the period of the deal.

So that means that the Iranians should be thrilled to get out of the deal now to pocket their gains and see what new negotiations can get them, right?

Apparently not:

Iran’s foreign minister took to YouTube on Thursday to criticize President Donald Trump’s threat to withdraw from the nuclear deal, saying Iran will not “renegotiate or add onto” the atomic accord.

And it gets better. Iran's nuttiest of nutballs are gathering chips for the negotiations:

Iran’s hard-line Revolutionary Guard continues to detain a number of dual nationals, Western citizens and others. Analysts and family members of dual nationals and others detained in Iran say hard-liners in the Islamic Republic’s security agencies use the prisoners as bargaining chips in negotiations with the West.

I guess the deal is perfect as is, as far as the nutballs in Iran are concerned. And they'll do what it takes to keep it.

For Iran, the provisions of the deal might as well be Kerry's Ten Commandments, etched in stone.