Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I'll Believe My Lying Eyes, Thank You

Are you freaking kidding me?

With the U.S. retreating from its traditional role as global policeman, this week quitting the Iran nuclear accord, Macron called for Europe to take its own destiny in hand and not allow outside powers to set the agenda. [emphasis added]

America still stands guard around the world. Where, pray tell, has America pulled back?

In Europe? In the Middle East? In Africa? In Afghanistan? In North Korea? In the South China Sea? In any other part of Asia? Where? Name one place that America has left, telling locals to do the job on their own?

Face it, staying in the Iran deal was an example of retreating from our traditional role as global policeman by pretending that the farcical deal actually prevented Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

In fact, pulling out of the deal puts us back in the business of containing and defeating Iran rather than ignoring the gathering danger.

Sometimes reading the news is just an exercise in increasing my blood pressure. Do they even believe what they write?