Monday, May 22, 2017

The Hunt for Red October

Democrats continue to hunt for Russians wearing Make America Great Again hats during the October campaign period who rigged the election for Trump. If Democrats actually learned to stand up against Russia, this wouldn't be so bad. But we know that is not the case.

Well that's nice (tip to Instapundit):

Democrat leaders at the convention used their time to deride President Donald Trump and beat the familiar drum of tying him to Russia, the Associated Press reported.

Sen. Kamala Harris told the crowd that the president is putting “Russia first, America second.”

“The world, literally the world, is counting on all of you, counting on California to reject Trump’s deception and destructiveness,” Gavin Newsom, the California Lieutenant Governor, said.

The story focused on the leadership-led "F**k Trump" chant and deranged town hall protests, but I'm more interested in the faux outrage over Russia.

I've welcomed Democrats to the "oppose Russia" camp:

But hey, I'm an optimist. I welcome my Democratic brethren into the anti-Russian camp. You are late, but I welcome you. I bet if I still had that [anti-Soviet shirt I wore as a student] I could safely wear it again.

I'm sure Democrats will still be there when the going gets rough, right?

But we all know that Democratic embrace of putting Russia second is just a cudgel to beat Republicans that would be discarded in favor of cutting defense spending, appeasing the Russians, and excusing their actions as soon as (in their wet dreams) Trump is impeached and Elizabeth Warren takes the presidential oath of office under the approving gazes of Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Schumer.

Perhaps I'd believe the Democrats if they were chanting "F**k Russia" and organizing angry protests outside of Russia's embassy and consulates.

UPDATE: Wow! Who could imagine that telling the Russians to stop that wouldn't work?