Thursday, April 13, 2017

Is It Wrong If I Laugh? Is It Wrong If You Don't?

Lawrence O'Donnell has gone quite mad:

The man is half an eye twitch from going on about his precious bodily fluids.

O'Donnell became aware of this Trump-Russian conspiracy during the physical act of broadcasting.

But O'Donnell won't deny the MSNBC audience his essence.

If America and Russia engaged in a small nuclear exchange killing a mere few million or so, I'm sure O'Donnell would argue this was all just to throw us off of the secret Trump-Putin partnership.

Most liberals are embarrassed by O'Donnell, aren't they?

UPDATE: Wow. That O'Donnell video was taken down fast. I guess going on about the Syria strike being a Putin-Trump plot is embarrassing to liberals!

UPDATE: I have no idea who the host of this is and whether he is reliable, but he does have the clip that was taken down above.