Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The ConSUNsus is Settled

I enjoyed this:

I especially enjoyed his comment about the lack of emphasis on that huge fusion reaction going on above us in favor of blaming human production of carbon dioxide for being the driver of our climate.

In related news, global warmers at NASA relied on junk data and methods for a rushed paper designed to support politicians. And the NASA authors failed to maintain data and methods to allow others to verify their results. Ah, science!

Shocking, actually.

As I've long said, I have no doubt man influences the climate. But I have severe doubts that it is a major component. I don't see the proof that warming will be catastrophic or even dangerous. And I sure don't think that the "solution" to any problems as the global warmers promote is more government--ideally international--that reduces liberty and cripples economic growth.