Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Release the Kraken?

UN aid groups are pausing their work in east Mosul for a week. I have a suspicious mind. Are the aid groups clearing out of the way so the new offensive can kick off without worrying about loose NGOs in the way?


Security concerns forced the United Nations to pause its aid operations this week in east Mosul, which Iraqi forces recaptured from Islamic State last month, but they will resume soon, a U.N. humanitarian official said on Wednesday.

I've been waiting for the second phase to liberate western Mosul from ISIL.

Is this the signal to unleash the southwest hounds?

UPDATE: Terrorism will continue to be a problem even after Mosul is liberated as this jihadi car bomb carnage in Baghdad demonstrates.

UPDATE: ISIL is preparing to fight for west Mosul:

Islamic State militants are developing a network of passageways and tunnels in the narrow alleys of west Mosul that will enable them to hide and fight among the civilian population when Iraqi forces launch an attack that is expected any day now.

Attackers can and should go through the houses, too, I'll note.

ISIL had two years to prepare to fight for eastern Mosul, and they lost.

And while ISIL is working hard now, they also have to look over their shoulder at the Tigris River line that previously had been within their defense perimeter.

But really, the Iraqis can just take their sweet time in kicking off the new offensive, right?

UPDATE: Secretary of Defense Mattis met with the defense ministers of the coalition fighting ISIL.

Was this the heads up for the new fight for western Mosul?