Monday, January 30, 2017

Yeah, That Hillary "Reset" Button Wasn't Real Either

People worried about this understand the "doomsday clock" isn't an actual measuring device, right?

Yes, the people at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists turned the clock to 11 (plus :57:30). Please head to your designated fallout shelters in an orderly manner. No running or pushing.

Wait. What? The clock prop hasn't been this close to midnight since 1953 when it was 11:58? We've had a 64-year-long two-minutes to live?

It didn't get closer during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Well, Saint Kennedy and all that.

Nothing else during the Cold War was more dangerous nuclear-wise than Trump being the president?

Their forebears assumed Reagan would get us into a nuclear war.  It wasn't closer to midnight then? No?

And isn't it the Democrats all suddenly worried that we aren't standing up to the dreaded Russkies?

Seriously, haven't the Democrats been accusing Trump of being too cozy with Putin?

Well, that was like totally 30 seconds ago.

The people at the bulletin know the "nuclear button" is as symbolic as their "clock," right? President Trump won't trigger nuclear war while trying to turn on the TV. They know that, right?

And bonus hysteria in the actual article. Apparently the "clock" no longer only indicates the danger of nuclear war but also the danger of climate change.

Even though dangerous climate change is nothing to worry about until the end of the century if the models--also not actual measuring devices--somehow are actually right.

But you go where the money is as Willy Sutton (might have?) said. Set the opportunist clock to 11:59.

And set the stupid clock right up their, too. Please let us be close to Peak Stupid.

UPDATE: The clock measures liberal angst. And did you know that the "clock" went from 6 minutes to midnight to 3 minutes to midnight during the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Obama administration? Me neither. I guess it wasn't news then.