Saturday, December 31, 2016

Make It So

I am open to the argument that the Littoral Combat Ship isn't as awful as problems would indicate and that the ship class will work.

As I've written, this is a new design and ship philosophy (with changeable mission modules capable of putting different capabilities on the hull). So there will be a learning curve with teething problems to resolve that mature designs don't have.

My main issue with the ship class--once the learning curve is traversed and the ship is working--is the idea that the ship should operate in littoral waters closer to shore in "green" or even "brown" waters.

Given the ship's inability to take a significant hit and keep going, intending to put the ship into coastal waters where any shore-based system can take shots at the ship is mind boggling.

We need a cheaper ship to get numbers in the fleet to supplement the higher end ships that dominate our smaller Navy, now. The LCS may be able to do that job.

But for God's sake, keep the ship in the deep "blue" waters in wartime.

If you want to get close to an enemy shore, send in the patrol boats, drones, and helicopters.