Saturday, December 10, 2016

He'll Always Be Loved in San Francisco

Canada is a good ally. And I like vacationing there. God help me but I love Tim Horton's, hockey, and poutine. Hell, I can even watch curling without laughing. But Canadian are a funny people.

Case in point, Canadians never fell out of love with Fidel Castro despite more than 50 years of communist tyranny and poverty in Cuba, but Canadians are already turning against their one-man boy band, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Now the nation’s boyfriend appears to be manifesting the same stonewalling, talking-point-reliance and dismissal-of-evidence tendencies that saw the last guy dumped. In a meeting with the Toronto Star, Trudeau called the electoral reform quiz “a fun little questionnaire that gets into values rather than models, to help us see if there are underlying principles and things that Canadians all agree on broadly that can drive a solution for electoral reform.” ...

But if a government can subject a nation to a loaded Cosmo-style quiz on electoral reform, it’s only reasonable that the country can turn for its political guidance to a 2004 dating bestseller, one that famously instructed women to heed a fellow’s actions, not his words. The advice is equally relevant dealing with a politician’s apparent cynical hypocrisy toward a bold election platform that made a nation fall for him (along with the vow to legalize pot). And unless there’s an unexpected policy reversal, it’s the only takeaway, as heartbreaking as it may be: Canada, Justin Trudeau is just not that into you.

And it is pretty funny that the prime minister finds himself under this kind of attack because he made an over-the-top screaming fanboy statement about the (long overdue and far too peaceful) death of Castro.

Well, Canada will always have The Tragically Hip. (And I don't mock too much. I love Ahead by a Century.)