Thursday, November 17, 2016

Step One: Roads; Step Two: Bases; Step Three?

China is building a military presence close to northeastern North Korea:

The source in North Hamgyong Province said a large-scale military facility in the Chinese city of Longjing, in Jilin Province, has been under development.

The base faces the Sambong workers' zone in the North Korean county of Onsong.

This follows news from 2013 that a new Chinese highway in that area was oddly little-used. Well, it is odd if you don't think a logistics link is necessary for China to invade North Korea.

Note too Chinese efforts to span the Yalu in the west and Chinese help for road building inside North Korea.

Although the North Koreans seem to have woken up to the threat from the north by refusing to complete their side of the bridge in the west--which completes the road from China to North Korea's capital, Pyongyang.

And notice that the picture with the initial article shows Chinese troops practicing river crossing operations on the Yalu River which the Chinese would have to breach in order to invade North Korea.

China may or may not be planning to invade North Korea, but by building roads and bridges to supply an army and by building up actual military infrastructure in the region, China has made it possible to invade North Korea and make it a race to beat the South Koreans to key terrain.

I do believe we live in interesting times.