Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Scandal of Following the Laws

I'd like to point out that the Donald Trump tax "scandal" that the media ran with reveals that Trump did nothing illegal; while the Clinton scandals are downplayed because it is argued there are no "smoking guns" proving she did anything illegal.

I'm not defending the particular tax laws Trump relied on. I don't like complicated laws of any sort because they are biased against those who can't afford attorneys to exploit the numerous, perhaps obscure--but legal--paths through the complicated laws to your preferred end state.

And I'm on record as not liking Trump at all--almost as much as I don't like Hillary Clinton.

But who doesn't take advantage of tax laws to minimize their tax burden? Raise your hand if you decided not to take a mortgage deduction in order to contribute more to the federal government.

Anyone? Bueller?

All this shows is the bias of the media in favor of Democrats, which because of Trump they aren't even bothering to hide.

And perhaps the bias of the permanent bureaucracy that may have leaked this state-level tax information.