Wednesday, October 05, 2016

A Question of a Spare President

The Pence-Kaine VP debate illustrated one thing to me. Pence has the temperament to be president while Kaine does not.

This is important because I can totally see Trump getting bored with the presidency if he wins and stepping down at some point before his term is up.

Kaine's shortcoming is irrelevant unless Hillary's health really is bad, because she will maintain an iron grip on the Oval Office until she is room temperature--and perhaps beyond given Democratic advances in animating the dead to vote.

Really, Kaine just borrowed Hillarybot's programming to spit out talking points, like this one:

“On the economy, do you want a ‘you’re fired’ president or a ‘you’re hired’ president?” Mr. Kaine asked during his introduction of Mrs. Clinton in Annandale.

Really? We've seen what funneling taxpayer money into failed solar companies does--it leads to both firing and public debt to deny reality.

As for Hillary's hiring, nobody should be confused that your prospects for being hired by her depend entirely on donating money to the Clinton Foundation first.

Kaine at best was a Hillary Mini-Me who had tape-recorded talking points programmed into him.

So far, Trump's poor performance in his first debate has depressed his numbers. Clinton is clearly winning. And I refuse to entertain the hopes that the polling is getting something fundamentally wrong about the race.

I thought there was evidence of this in 2012--bolstered by models that said President Obama should lose as a reason to believe the proposed reasons for why the polling was wrong--but the polls were right to show Romney losing. I vowed not to be lulled this year, so I am not going to disbelieve the polls in the belief that there are legions of closet Trump voters out there who will defy the polling like Brexit voters did in Britain.

So perhaps "events" are the only hope that Clinton can be defeated. Perhaps it is a debate blunder. Perhaps a botched government high-profile action. Perhaps a war. Perhaps terrorism. Perhaps a smoking gun that finally satisfies our media that minimizes Clinton's transgressions.

Absent something like that, the trend shows a Clinton victory. Neither should win, I agree. But one will. You go to November with the candidates you have and not the candidates you wish you had.

I'd rather have Trump win as the lesser of two evils who the press and permanent government bureaucracy will check, but I do understand why some cannot voter for either.

But I'm not a political blogger, so don't count on me for your political analysis. I have opinions. And I follow that stuff somewhat. But it is out of my lane, I freely admit.