Friday, September 16, 2016

How Kerry Will Live On After January 2017

I see Russia wants to lock in their latest victory achieved through Kerry's bumbling diplomacy by going through the United Nations:

Russia wants the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution endorsing the deal hammered out between Moscow and Washington to halt fighting in Syria and jointly target Islamist rebels, its ambassador said Thursday.

Recall how well the Kerry-Lavrov deal that "disarmed" Syria of chemical weapons has worked (short answer: the terms of the deal have not been violated (we think), yet Assad still gasses his enemies).

Based on that, what can we expect at best from the Iran nuclear deal, eh?

And now Lavrov will leverage the opening provided by that chemical weapons deal into locking an America-Russian alliance to save Assad into place beyond that fool's tenure.

You won't think less of me if I open a bottle of gin and openly weep for a short time, will you?