Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tinker Tailor Broadcaster Spy

Thank goodness Britain has penetrated jihadi groups and Russian spy networks so thoroughly that these foes are helpless to harm Britain!

Because if not, how do you explain devoting resources to this?

The BBC is to spy on internet users in their homes by deploying a new generation of Wi-Fi detection vans to identify those illicitly watching its programmes online.

The Telegraph can disclose that from next month, the BBC vans will fan out across the country capturing information from private Wi-Fi networks in homes to “sniff out” those who have not paid the licence fee.

The corporation has been given legal dispensation to use the new technology, which is typically only available to crime-fighting agencies, to enforce the new requirement that people watching BBC programmes via the iPlayer must have a TV licence.

The equipment is typically only available to crime-fighting agencies? Nice.

The British people voted to reject the EU. Even if the elites don't undermine and cancel that unfortunate bit of democracy, don't get cocky. The Television police are still on the job.

Actually, the British authorities might nab more jihadis who are pirating the BBC than the police services will arrest.