Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cluster Bomb The Palaces

Strategypage notes that Hamas has plenty of nice housing for their elites who direct the attacks on Israel. How about a non-kinetic method of hitting those terrorist elites where it hurts?

This is interesting:

Suddenly Palestinian terror group Hamas is releasing videos and photos of the many attractive neighborhoods in Gaza, many of them featuring new construction or well-maintained older structures. For years Hamas has tightly controlled local and foreign media in Hamas and used threats to enforce what visuals get shown internationally. Hamas demanded that only ruins and bombed out structures be shown. ...

But now Hamas has to remind voters in Gaza about the good things that have been created in Gaza under Hamas rule. This may backfire because Hamas has favored its loyalists with the cash and access to construction materials to create most of this nice looking stuff. The many factions (Fatah and otherwise) in Gaza that are hostile to Hamas live in less attractive neighborhoods.

My thought is that Israel should target these homes in attractive neighborhoods.

Oh, not by destroying them--by protecting them!

With a catch.

Could Israeli aircraft bomb these neighborhoods with paint-filled cluster bombs that use a foul-smelling bright fluorescent sticky goo that Israel can claim is for the purpose of highlighting civilian targets out of the combat zone? That way, Israeli surveillance assets could easily avoid targeting them.

That should be their story and they should stick to it.

By making the homes of Hamas elites stink so much and look so ugly that the elites don't want to live in them, Israel could bring the pain of initiating war to the elites without providing Hamas with more destroyed buildings used as propaganda.

After all, Hamas elites don't seem to care when the homes of ordinary people they force to house weapons are destroyed as legitimate military targets. Nor do the Hamas elites seem to be bothered when cannon fodder fighters are killed in futile wars against Israel.

I imagine that the weapons would have to be prepared carefully to avoid running afoul of chemical weapons prohibitions. Hopefully the foul smell can be the unavoidable side effect of making safe glowing goo.