Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ignoring the Macro-Aggression

Bad luck for the patrons of Pulse nightclub that LGBT Pride Month overlapped with Ramadan.

Why feminists and the LGBT aren't the most fiercely militant supporters of the War on (Islamist) Terror is beyond me.

Well, who can blame them, I suppose. Our president has assured them that "mansplaining" and intolerant bakers are their main threats. Micro-aggressions are the cause of the day, the Left assures us.

Heck, the president probably even reassured them that jihadis aren't an existential threat to them, so stop your complaining.

UPDATE: Related:

The West is skittish about criticizing any aspect of Islamic culture, regardless of how much it might fly in the face of progressive values, because the multicultural framework forbids it. If all cultures are equal, no culture can be criticized.

Well no culture but the West's can be criticized. Some cultures are more equal than others, you see.

Women and the LGBT are primary targets of Islamic cultures. They should be primary opponents of Islamism rather than making excuses for the culture that oppresses and kills them.