Saturday, June 04, 2016

Communists. Again

Trump supporters are being attacked and Democrats are blaming the Trump supporters for 'provoking" the attackers. Welcome to Trump's path to victory.

How is it possible for Democrats to essentially say Trump supporters are getting what they deserve when attacked?

Anti-free speech thugs physically assaulted American citizens engaged in a peaceful, political assembly Thursday night outside a Donald Trump for President rally in San Jose. And the Hillary-supporting Democrat who serves as mayor of that city blamed Mr. Trump for the violence in his streets.

Really? In exercising their rights, Trump supporters caused the attacks?

But this violence against Trump supporters isn't fascism on display. It is communism.

Observe this picture (from the first link).

Look at the signs the anti-Trump rioters are carrying. [NOTE: The resolution on the picture I captured isn't good enough to do what I did on the original at the web site I linked to above--zoom in. And oddly, the picture at the page displays in Internet Edge but not in Firefox. Use this one and the clue is quite clear.]

Follow the web site printed on the signs and you find that these thugs are members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, which is a hard core communist group that split off from the Workers World Party because "'the Workers World Party leadership is no longer capable' of fulfilling the 'mission' of building socialism."

Wrap your head around the notion that they think the WWP is insufficiently communist.

This took me approximately 20 seconds to figure out and track down. Yet the press just doesn't report this.

These rioters aren't Democrats. They aren't Mexican-Americans. They are communists who are perfectly comfortable with violence. That is how they should be identified.

But the press doesn't call them who they are. They never have. From anti-global trade to anti-war to Occupy Wall Street to Ferguson and Black Lives Matter, to whatever, the communists rush in to create violence in their almost farcical objective of becoming the vanguard of a popular movement that will grow to a tidal wave and allow them to ride the popular wave to power.

Really. Somebody (perhaps several who have their own faction ready for the post-revolution purges) in that pathetic group of unwashed rioters fancies himself as a future head of the secret police in a Socialist People's Republic of America.

It would be easy for Democrats to separate themselves from this type of anti-American violence by pointing out that communists are instigating violence at these Trump rallies. But no, they essentially side with the communists by blaming Trump supporters for the crime of being attacked.

I've noted before that I think Trump is a clown and I can't stand him. The thought of voting for him is repulsive to me.

But I despise the people who really hate him--like these communists--even more. And the thought of voting for a communist (well, socialist) or a crook (and yes, actually a crook) is even more repulsive.

And I imagine a lot of Americans will think this way in November.

UPDATE: Not that I would bet on a Trump win at this point. Which would normally be a relief to me--until I consider the alternatives.

UPDATE: Heads should roll in the San Jose police department for siding with the communists who assaulted Americans exercising their right of free speech and assembly:

In its release, SJPD said it held off in arresting people seen committing crimes because it “had the difficult task of weighing the need to immediately apprehend the suspect(s) against the possibility that police action involving the use of physical force under the circumstances would further insight [sic] the crowd and produce more violent behavior.”

Serving who and protecting who? The police only protect those who are under attack by less committed thugs? That's quite an insight into their way of thinking, no doubt. But protecting people should not depend on whether that protection incites the attackers.

Perhaps the police department could define where in the continuum of threats from a Troop of Eagle Scouts to a Communist mob that they draw the line between a group passive enough to arrest and one that is so violent that the police must be passive in the face of their violence.