Friday, June 17, 2016

Another Question for the Left

These days, when the Left tries to connect the dots to figure out why jihadis kill us, the Left is prone to creating a picture that damns our country rather than pointing to the jihadis and their view of the world. The jihadis are the dots. Kill the dots.

When Islamists say that we insult Islam by speaking about problems in the religion, Leftists over here are often eager to curtail our freedom of speech in order to avoid "provoking" Islamists into a killing rage.

When Islamists use our free society to buy firearms, Leftists over here are often eager to curtail our freedom to bear arms to avoid arming Islamists, who have no doubt been provoked into a killing rage by something we've done.

Will Leftists over here be eager to curtail the freedom you have in our society to belong to the kaleidoscope of the LBGT community because jihadis are offended by this aspect of our society?

Will that aspect of our freedom have to go, too?

I'd rather see members of the LGBT community armed under our 2nd Amendment and freely discussing the problems of totalitarian Islamism in a Western democracy under our 1st Amendment.

As I've said before, stop thinking we cause jihadi hate because what don't the jihadis hate?

And rather than tearing ourselves apart debating what we are doing wrong to prevent attacks--or worse, imagining that our own society is causing the problem--let's get on with killing the jihadi terrorists. Sadly, my worries of 2004 are no less valid:

We indeed have traveled a long way since 9-11. Too many people are back to 9-10. They hate us, people. All of us. Not just the current administration. Not just the Red State citizens. Owning a bongo and tie-dyed shirts won’t save you. Nor will spouting sympathy for their cause. We’re all targets and they’ll dance over our graves if we let them.

Stop debating to the point of paralysis over what dots should have been connected and what dots existed. The dots keep killing us in the most gruesome manner they can come up with. Just kill the freaking dots! We are at war and we must win.

Kill the dots.