Monday, May 02, 2016

Seriously? We've Come to This?

It's come to the point where ordering online from our freaking phones (let alone going to a store) is too hard, and now we have to attach little buttons to our walls to order home supplies as we run low?

I'm speaking of Amazon "Dash Buttons." Buy one (or a hundred!), stick it on your wall, and press it to automatically order the one thing the button orders.

Are we that inept at managing our home lives? Good grief, no wonder so many Americans would rather retreat from international affairs. If noticing you are running low on toilet paper is now too hard to manage, how can dealing with troubles in Upper Whoseitstan seem within our capabilities?

I wonder of Secretary of State Clinton thought her "reset" button for Russia was one of these dash buttons and it was all she needed when good relations with Russia were running low?

Although come to think of it, that button was mislabeled as "overcharge."

Anyway, does the Dash Button reorder itself automatically when the battery runs low?