Thursday, May 05, 2016

Liberal Professors Screw the Military

We have a problem with our Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) on our college campuses.

Well this is just effing great:

ROTC has long depended on college grades as a major factor in determining which cadets would become officers. That seemed to work. But since 2001 it has become more obvious that the quality of ROTC officers was declining while those from the service academies (West Point and the like) and OCS (Officer Candidate School, mostly for enlisted troops) was not. On closer examination it was found that the problem was grade inflation in American colleges. The old standards for acceptable grades no longer applied thus using college grades to select qualified ROTC members to become competent officers had ceased to work.

Just when you think you've considered all the angles that the Left screws with our national defense.

This was completely off my radar screen. But it makes sense considering how many people say the BA is really the new high school degree because standards have declined at so many colleges.