Sunday, April 03, 2016

Welcoming the Trojan Horse

Does anybody else find it funny (in a we're-so-screwed sort of way) that Europe has long blocked Turkey's entry into the European Union because some Europeans feared allowing so many Moslems from that large Moslem country easy access to moving into Europe is the same Europe that has welcomed Moslem migrants from far less modern societies into Europe, causing many problems for Europe?

Funny enough, to fight the latter from getting much worse (without reversing the problem) the Europeans will get the former:

The European Union doesn’t give a damn about democracy. Yeah, sure, they keep saying they do — and they’ve been saying it again in the wake of this week’s terrorist attack in Brussels. But their actions are sending a distinctly different message.

Exhibit A: the shameful deal that European officials concluded with Turkey last week. The EU wanted Ankara to help it stanch the flow of refugees, hundreds of thousands of whom have passed through Turkey on their way West. To make this happen, the Europeans promised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a lot of money and a renewed promise of future membership in the EU. The Turks were happy to oblige — for a very high price.

What was Ankara asking in return? Basically that Europe turn a blind eye to Erdogan’s systematic demolition of his country’s democratic institutions.

As for Europe giving in to Turkey's assault on democracy, what difference at this point does that make when the European Union itself aims for exactly the same thing?

UPDATE: Oh good grief, it's a murder-suicide pact (tip to Instapundit):

Airport police in Brussels claims at least 50 Islamic State supporters are employed at the Zaventem airport where two suicide bombings killed 16 people March 22.

The claim comes from an open letter where police officers say they flagged individuals to authorities on numerous occasions before the attack. ISIS supporters work as baggage handlers, cleaners and catering staff, according to the officers, which give them access to planes.

Not only did the Belgians bring in the Trojan Horse, they gave them retirement plans, too.

But hey, "some" were fired after the ISIL sympathies were discovered. But others who "openly cheered" the November Paris Massacre were allowed to keep their jobs.