Saturday, April 16, 2016

About Your Organic Obsession

Given that I've gotten grief for not feeding my children organic food (this is Ann Arbor, after all), this article was a breath of fresh air.

Organic foods are no more nutritious than others, organic foods do use pesticides that are harmful if consumed, and organic farming methods can never be more than a niche process if we wish to feed the entire world.

I've gotten no traction with those arguments.

Mind you, if spending more than you need to on food lovingly picked by hippies who you imagine gently shoo away insects provides you with reassurance that your food is safe--or more likely reassures you that you are a morally superior person--by all means have at it. It's a free country.

But don't pretend that the whole organic thing isn't basically a marketing campaign designed to get your money and make you thank the providers for the chance to pay top dollar for a turnip.

Don't try to make your emotional problems my problems. Thank you.