Tuesday, February 02, 2016

If it Even Comes Close, Shoot it Down

North Korea appears ready to fire a missile in the next few weeks to test their capabilities.

Japan is getting ready for it:

Japan has put its military on alert for a possible North Korean ballistic missile launch after indications it is preparing for a test firing, two people with direct knowledge of the order told Reuters on Friday. ...

Japan's Minister of Defense Gen Nakatani has ordered Aegis destroyers that operate in the Sea of Japan to be ready to target any North Korean projectiles heading for Japan, the sources said.

Japan has reportedly told their military to be ready to shoot it down.

I think Japan should shoot it down if it even comes close to Japanese territory.

Of course, ten years ago, I thought we should have done that. But perhaps the technology was too uncertain to risk a failure then.

And now we may all be confident that the anti-missile systems work.

UPDATE: How much would China risk to back their little psycho client?

UPDATE: And in light of the missile defense option that starts with blowing up the missiles in their launch silos, this post on layered missile defense against an Iranian threat applies to North Korea.